Best Practices for International IP Licensing

Japanese Intellectual Property Law-Seminar (Patent)
“IP Licensing Strategy for Business Success”

【 Agenda】
-Success and Failure of Japanese industries & Licensing
-Licensing Strategy for Business Success
-Practices of License Agreements
-License Negotiation
-Free Discussion

◆Date: April 2-3 14:00-17:00
◆Language: English
◆Lecturer: Kiyohide Okamoto
◆Sponsorship: JIII Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation
Venue: 7F Seminar Room of JIPII, 2-9-14, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan [Access Map]

【 Brief Introduction of Class 】 Licensing was one of past big factors of miracle progress and decline of Japanese industries since 1945. Licensing is a strong tool for strengthening industries of countries and companies. This seminar introduces licensing practices to succeed in business in Asian countries by utilizing IP rights. Topics are what should be considered to successfully import and export technologies and business in Asian countries, how to establish and enforce IP rights, how to negotiate with Japanese entities for licensing, and how to draft IP agreements. Free discussion is prepared.